studioninedots’ flexible pavilions spark creativity in Dutch office

studioninedots fosters creativity in amsterdam office

In western Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Studioninedots presents a concept in which three mystical spatial elements provide room for experimentation, interaction, and spontaneity within the social sphere of a working environment. The ‘Wet Beast’ office emerges from within the sweeping concrete arches of Studioninedots’ mixed-use building Westbeat, stimulating creativity and a sense of community, challenging users of the workspace to open up to new ways of working. The architects integrate the flexible ‘Jungle’ staircaseEscher-like ‘The Beast’ play world, and timber ‘Town Hall’ pavilions — each of which is open to interpretation and functionality by the user.

three spatial elements connect workers and spark new impulses all images courtesy of Studioninedots

three flexible pavilions for work and play

The team at Studioninedots incorporates three flexible pavilions across the ‘Wet Beast’ work landscape, which facilitates shelter, seating, and meeting, and offers social spaces. Each element is entirely detached from the architecture and can be used temporarily or permanently, with the potential to evolve continuously over time. Their distinct functionality is reflected in the diverse palette of colors, shapes, and materials, each object sparking unique interpretations by users.

At the center of the workplace, the vibrant ‘Jungle’ staircase with integrated planting connects the two levels and doubles as a presentation podium or a place to relax. Beside it sits the ‘Town Hall’ composed of modular timber seating elements, concealed intimately behind light curtains, which can be opened to meld the pavilion with the open-plan workspace. At the opposite end, ‘The Beast’ is an Escher-like multi-purpose play world with open and private spaces to host various activities. The monochrome structure’s staircase, alternating fixed elements, and passages attract free interpretation of use, while large glass walls ensure interaction between the sheltered core and the surrounding space.

studioninedots' flexible pavilions spark creativity + interaction in Amsterdam workplace
the pavilions provide space for experimentation, interaction, and spontaneity

studioninedots' flexible pavilions spark creativity + interaction in Amsterdam workplace
the elements of ‘Wet Beast’ can be used temporarily or permanently and can continuously evolve in function

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