A long time bookstore is adding new inventory but taking one item out

Campus Book Mart in Starkville had a grand re-opening on Friday

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Campus Book Mart in Starkville had a grand re-opening on Friday, September 2, 2022; but there’s one thing missing from the book mart inventory, books.

“We’ve noticed through the industry you know internet has kind of taken over the world and so we’ve been seeing a decline.. with the university going to the bulldog bundle this year we had to make a decision and we decided we’ I’ll back off textbooks and focus on the fun stuff,” said store owner Barbara Foster.

Foster said Friday was the perfect time for the re-opening because traffic would be up ahead of Saturday’s Home football opener.

The change was scary at first, but necessary.

“We were very nervous, we started the transition right after school let out in May and we just moved everything upstairs you know it’s just like one of those things you just pull those boot straps up and you do it,” said Foster.

The store still has school supplies and a great supply of school apparel and that hasn’t changed.

Something else that’s not changing is the name.

“We’re going to keep the name campus book mart that’s my father founded this store I think a lot of people know the campus book mart name more so than the bully shop name,” said Foster.

Foster said she’s thankful for all the supporters over the years and hopes that even though the books are gone the new inventory they get will keep the crowd coming.

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