Meghan Markle was left ‘shaken’ after her surprise car ride with Sophie, Queen’s ‘Second Daughter’: Report

Keeping all the differences aside, Meghan Markle joined Prince Harry and the Royal family as they mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. Earlier this week, when Elizabeth’s final journey began from Buckingham Palace, the entire royal family walked behind the coffin of the late monarch, the Queen. LIVE | Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral updates

Duke of Sussex also joined the procession and sat beside Britain’s Sophie, Countess of Wessex in the car, which perhaps shocked many. Meghan and Sophie, who were dressed in black attire, sat calmly as their car was driven from the palace to Westminster hall.

However, now, reports are coming out about how Markle was left “shaken” when she learned that she will be sharing the car with Sophie, the countess, who shared a very close bond with Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II’s final journey: Thousands of mourners gather to pay their last respects

Fox’s Neil Sean reported, “Meghan almost buckled when informed she would be sharing a car with Sophie – after all, she had expected to drive in with her husband Prince Harry.” But when he agreed to walk behind the coffin of the late queen all that changed, causing Meghan to have, some say a slight “moment.”

In 2021, Meghan and Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey sent shockwaves around the world. In the tell-all interview, Meghan and Harry made several controversial revelations about the British royal family and how unfairly they treated the couple and their newborn child Archie, back then.

Later, during an interview, Sophie also took a direct dig at the famous host Winfrey. During her interview with a British tabloid when asked about the interview, she said, “Oprah Who?”.

Further adding: “Yes, what interview?”

Many sources have also told that Sophie, who had worked as a PR earlier, was the one who, chose to take a ride with Markle, ”to face the problems with her head-on,” as per Fox.

There was absolute silence between Sophie and Meghan in the car.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry joined his brother Prince William and Queen Elizabeth’s six other grandchildren during a vigil for the late monarch at Westminster Hall.


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