See Demi Moore Modeling Bikinis At Age 59

By David Harrison | 5 seconds ago

Remember when 60 years old meant you were really old? Yeah, me neither. It seems that aging just does not mean what it once did with certain celebrities seeming to defy old age in a crazy way. Heck, we had Tom Cruise ripping flight sequences and jumping off cliffs in his sixth decade on this Earth. And now we have Demi Moore who posted to Instagram a new line of bathing suits and bikinis that will really make you question what it means to reach “retirement age” these days. Because Demi Moore sure looks like she’s resetting most of the conventional wisdom around that idea. Frankly, it’s both stunning and startling.

Demi Moore took to Instagram to help promote a line of swimwear she’d been working on with Andie, a company that describes itself as “swimwear by women for women”. Moore was having fun showing off some of the new goods for a line she helped design along the way. There were a few examples of different looks here with each one making you scratch your head just a bit about how a woman who is the age of some grandmothers these days is able to pull it off. But it totally works and one can see, pretty easily, just why Demi Moore has been just a head-turner throughout her career. Check out some of what she and Andie posted on Instagram.

In terms of social media traction, the posts by Demi Moore received considerably more love on Instagram, though that is to be expected all things considered. The actress has more than 2.9 million followers on the platform. And as of this writing, her post had received more than 121,000 likes. Some celebrities that weighed in with their Demi Moore approval included Michelle Pfeiffer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rita Wilson, Brad Goreski, and others. Meanwhile, the Andie post still got a bunch of engagement as well, though considerably less so. Overall, it would appear that the swimsuit line from Demi Moore and Andie, at least on social media, was something of a hit.

For those looking to purchase some of these Andie Swim pieces from the Demi Moore line, they aren’t coming all that cheap. The company website features the array of offerings that Moore and company came up with and the price for some of these will run you somewhere in the $ 150 range for the whole suit. For instance, the first one that Demi Moore models in her Instagram post is up on the website for $ 145 and comes in three colors.

And on the acting side, Demi Moore is still staying busy with a number of different productions over the last few years. She was featured in Empire, Animals, and even Brave New World. Plus, Demi Moore did show up in the Nicolas Cage meta-romp The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Next up for Demi Moore The Substance which she filmed with Ray Liotta before his tragic passing. There is no timeline for that movie’s release at this point.

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