Teen Mom Leah Messer covers up her stomach in a baggy top after revealing major baby news with fiancé Jaylan Mobley

TEEN Mom star Leah Messer has fans buzzing after she shared a video online seemingly hiding her stomach under a baggy top.

The MTV star recently revealed that she hopes to have a child with her fiancé Jaylan Mobley.


Fans have speculated that Leah Messer is covering a baby bump under a baggy t-shirtCredit: Instagram/nstegall_
She and Jaylan Mobley were recently engaged in Costa Rica


She and Jaylan Mobley were recently engaged in Costa RicaCredit: Instagram/Jaylan Mobley

Leah, 30, shared a Boomerang video originally posted by a friend of hers on her Instagram Story that set fans’ tongues wagging.

In the clip, the star could be seen jumping and striking a pose mid-air.

She had on a pair of black jeans and a baggy blue top, which fans took as a sign that she is hiding a bump.

The post came after Leah’s storyline for the season was revealed by an Instagram account for Teen Mom: “Leah and her boyfriend Jaylan move in together, get engaged and consider having a baby.”

Teen Mom Leah reveals major baby news after engagement to boyfriend Jaylan
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Fans have been supportive of Leah and Jaylan’s baby dreams.

On the Teen Mom Instagram post, commenters weighed in, with one writing: “I really do hope they have a baby, I’m sure Jaylan would love a kid of his own blood even though we all know he loves the girls which is one of the many things that make him amazing,” one fan responded in the comments section.

“Their baby would be so cute!”

The couple recently got engaged, with Jaylan proposing in Costa Rica.

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Fans are already buzzing about their impending nuptials, as some think the duo has already tied the knot.

Leah recently shared a night on the town with Jaylan on Instagram.

During the outing, Leah wore a slinky yellow dress and strutted around in golden heels, with matching strings wrapped around her legs.

The couple cuddled together as they posed in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The star captioned the post with two champagne flute emojis as if they were celebrating something.

Fans suggested that Leah was trying to strategically hide her fancy ring she had previously shown in a recent TikTok video.

Followers spotted the blurred hands in Leah’s snapshots.

One fan noted: “Her hand is blurred in two pics! What does it mean?”

Leah recently uploaded a dance video starring her daughters: Aleeah, 12, and Addie, seven.

While in the kitchen, Leah and her kids showed off their dance moves while the Demi Lovato song, Cool For The Summer played in the background.

Jaylan appeared in the background while his family danced.

As soon as the spicy lyrics kicked off, he rushed over and grabbed the camera away.

Jaylan shook his head in disapproval and wagged his finger.

Followers seemed distracted by the fancy ring the mother-of-three was wearing on her fourth finger, which is where the engagement ring is typically worn.

One said: “Do I see a ring on ‘that’ finger?”

Another fan agreed and added: “I came searching the comments to see if anyone else noticed that.”

A third fan mentioned: “Watched a few times! Looks like she’s married! I see a wedding band and diamond.”

The couple has been quiet amid the speculation but has shared several glimpses inside their engagement and the days that followed.


After confirming their engagement, Jaylan took to Instagram to share a sexy video of him and his fiancée.

The clip started with Jaylan walking down a hallway while smoking what appeared to be a cigar.

As he walked, the camera panned around him, showing him approaching an opening to a balcony, where the Teen Mom star was waiting for him.

He stepped through the doors and approached his bride-to-be, grabbing her by the butt and planting a steamy kiss on her.

The newly engaged couple looked out over the railing onto the scenery below.

Jaylan captioned the post: “Waited for you.”

In addition to talking about their engagement and subsequent marriage, fans have discussed Leah’s ring several times.


Fans reposted Leah’s engagement ring photos on Reddit, sharing their critiques on the star’s new jewelry.

One critic commented: “No diamond can ever be too big IMO. I just wish it wasn’t haloed, that’s what makes it gaudy.”

Another Teen Mom fan wrote: “It’s too big for me, but it’s not my ring. If she loves it, then it’s the perfect size for her.”

A third commenter slammed the star, writing: “She’s trying to be like the Kardashians.”

Another hater added: “Too big? No, not IMO. Too gaudy? Yes, I think so.”

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Someone else claimed: “Looks like costume jewelry.”

A sixth comment read: “In my personal opinion: hell yes! I wouldn’t be comfortable with a big ass ring like that. It looks fake too.”

Leah has been showing off her ring in the weeks since


Leah has been showing off her ring in the weeks sinceCredit: Instagram
Teen Mom revealed her storyline for the season, which revolves around baby desires


Teen Mom revealed her storyline for the season, which revolves around baby desiresCredit: Instagram
Fans have been buzzing about her being pregnant already


Fans have been buzzing about her being pregnant alreadyCredit: Instagram @leahmesser

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