More Details on Kenny Omega Being Bitten at AEW All Out, Recent Images & Video of Bite Mark

– As previously reported, AEW star and EVP Kenny Omega recently appeared on a Capcom TV stream. Images have now surfaced during the stream, showing Omega during the stream having what appears to be a bitemark type of bruise on his left forearm. Fightful Select has a report with additional details on Omega’s appearance.

As noted, Omega was reportedly bitten by Ace Steel during the alleged brawl that took place following AEW All Out on Sunday, September 4. According to Fightful’s report, the video was actually shot about a week before it was published. So, that means Omega filmed the stream about a week after the alleged incident took place.

According to Fightful sources who saw Omega in Japan, the bite mark was said to have been “unmistakable.” Additionally, he was apparently not prominently showing his left forearm in many photos or videos during his first week of his Japan trip. Also, another source who was backstage after the fracas took place at All Out said that the bite on Omega’s arm looked “disgusting” after it happened. Also, Omega was said to have been very verbal about receiving the bite.

Fightful’s report noted “both sides” of the incident, including Omega’s side, spoke about the bite during the incident. A neutral party also reportedly claimed there was no way around the bite mark based on the visible evidence.

As noted, Omega is currently off AEW programming as the individuals directly involved with the melee have been temporarily suspended until a third-party investigation is concluded.

You can check out the video of the Capcom TV stream below. Kenny Omega appears at about 2:00:44 in the video.

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