Buzz: Talk About ‘Round Figure Lady’ In Tollywood

There is a funny story about a lady producer in Tollywood. She represents a banner and looks into every aspect of negotiation with actors and technicians; dealing with financiers and framing terms with the business partners. She also takes care of all the expenses related to the filmmaking process.

Now a discussion has come into light when an insider named her as ’round figure lady’.

When asked to explain he said that she never puts the bills in actuals but makes a round figure.

Listening to this, when asked, “That means if the expense is Rs 91, then would she round it to Rs 100?”, then the insider replied, “No. If the expense is Rs 91, she would round it to Rs 910 . For her, rounding it to the nearest zero means, adding a zero on the right side of the number”.

Although this sounds to be a reply in a lighter vein with some exaggeration, there are reports that she spends less on artists and technicians but shoots up the overall expenses on the paper.

That means, intelligently she makes her partners invest more to compensate for the investment on the banner she represents, before the business itself.

She is shrewd and knows where to drop the curtains to avoid transparency of accounts.


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