‘Mister Organ’ Trailer Writer Injected Into True Crime Story

The Scooby Gang from Only Murders In The Building put themselves in danger, but everything comes out in the comedic wash. Meanwhile, journalist David Farrier seems to have pulled an Only Murders by investigating a real-life, ongoing true crime story and catching the attention of the perpetrator. Things aren’t as funny for him.

The trailer for Mister Organ is a twisty path that demands we scream “don’t open that door” both literally and metaphorically dozens of times. In the documentary, the creator behind Dark Tourist and the delightfully bizarre Tickled tracks down an extortionist who turns out to be a lot more dangerous than previously believed.

Here’s the official synopsis: “Journalist and filmmaker David Farrier unwittingly stumbles into a game of cat and mouse with a mystery man creating havoc in his neighborhood, wheel-clamping cars at a local antique store. That clamper was Michael Organ, and little did Farrier know that delving deeper into who Organ really is would be a thrilling and tension-filled three-year-long investigation — unearthing a trail of multiple court cases, inflated claims of royal bloodlines, ruined lives , and at least one stolen boat.”

The product of three years of investigation, Mister Organ will premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 24th. Hopefully, Farrier will explain during the press tour how he’s still alive.


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