The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Need A Break From Love During Moon Sextile Saturn On September 4, 2022

At the beginning of all love affairs, there’s this giddy feeling that lets one believe it’s never going to end, and that we can take all of our nourishment in the sweet love that’s given to us by our lover.

Such a beautiful fantasy and everyone falls into it, which is probably why we have a human race today. We fall in love, we make babies, we live our lives, and over time things fade.

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But the kicker is, that we don’t always get that far before it fades, in fact, sometimes we just need a break from love to get in touch with our sanity, as love is both gorgeous and cruel.

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During Moon sextile Saturn, we will see the limit to our patience, when it comes to our already established love lives as well as what we perceive to be the future of them.

Love never really just stayed ‘love’ did it? It seemed to grow from love to obligation to burden to dull-witted acceptance, and the irony is that this is the most common route for love to go.

Can we stay in love forever? Sure, but it will never look like it did on Day One.

And so, during a transit like Moon sextile Saturn, which puts us in touch with the reality of our own love lives, we may just feel the need to break free. It may be for a day or forever, all we who are affected by this transit know is that we need a break.


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