‘She Hulk’ Episode 6 review: MCU series gets its groove back

The latest MCU series ‘She-Hulk’ is a mixed bag of sorts. While it started really well, until the three episodes, the succeeding two were a miss. With the sixth episode, however, titled ‘Just Jen’, the series has got its groove back. The hilarious, action-packed episode marries the show’s slick production values ​​and good writing with top-notch comedic performances, particularly from its star Tatiana Maslany. And I feel here, more than any preceding episode, the show’s brand of fourth-wall-breaking works — and thankfully it still pops its head rarely. ‘She Hulk’ is not perfect, but it is still head-and-shoulders above everything Marvel Studios has done for Disney+ — MCU’s TV shows, to be precise.

The show has Jennifer Walters (Maslany), who as the title of the show suggests is an attorney by profession, being bestowed with the powers of Hulk after she and her cousin Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), the original Hulk met with an accident and their blood fused together. Unlike most superheroes, though, she did not want her powers and was happy being an attorney.

The episode has Jennifer being invited to be her old pal’s bridesmaid at her wedding. She is sad to learn that Lulu, the friend, wants her to be just Jen, instead of She-Hulk. It is a wedding episode, as Jen makes it clear in the beginning while speaking directly to the audience.

The episode boasts of surprises, hilarious moments, and even action. It also blazes past its runtime which is already pretty short at less than 30 minutes.

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My only quibble is the CGI quality of the She-Hulk look, which still feels like Marvel Studios hired time-travelling VFX artists from the ’90s to work on this. It is not just that the look looks unrealistic and plasticky (which it does), it is also that it looks unfinished as though the artists got bored midway and sent the models. The ultimate effect of the look is that of uncanny valley, the greatest sin in computer-generated imagery.

It is for the dismal quality of CGI and Maslany’s performance that ‘She-Hulk’ is at its best when it is Walters on the screen and not her green rage persona. ‘She Hulk’ Episode 6 is a great watch.

‘She-Hulk’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar in India.


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