Someone Squeezed Out A Not So Subtle Fart On ‘Fox NFL Sunday’

One of the reasons Fox NFL Sunday has been as successful as it has for so long is that it has always had the vibe of a bunch of friends watching and talking about football — they just happen to also all be Pro Football Hall of Famers.

On this Sunday, though, that feeling of watching football with your buddies on the couch got a little too real when during a standup segment, someone tried to slip out a fart they thought would be quiet but instead was anything but, causing Jimmy Johnson to briefly stumbled over his words from his remote seat as they tried to talk through it.

The standup segment has become a favorite of NFL shows, to create a little more casual conversation and just present a different look from the desk, but it also requires mics to pick up everything, including someone ripping one. Now, the real question is who slipped this not-so-silent one out, because, for one, they clearly tried to hold it in but couldn’t, and two, everyone else did their best to motor through but there’s a clear hesitation as soon as that sound is made from the entire set.

I’m going to exonerate Jimmy as a possible suspect, as he was in the middle of talking and I don’t think his remote mic would’ve picked that up so clearly — and also he looked thrown off by the noise in his ear . Curt Menefee and Michael Strahan The interaction between Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long points me to those two, particularly Bradshaw as he seems to try and cover it up by just making a weird noise and also it’d be incredibly on-brand.


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