Where will the Queen be buried? Why the Royal Vault will not be her final resting place

Thousands of mourners lined the streets to pay their final respects to the Queen, after her funeral earlier in the day.
After the pomp and pageantry of the state funeral at Westminster, attended by leaders from across the globe, a more intimate committal service will be held at St. George’s at about 4 pm (11 am ET).
At the service’s conclusion, the Queen’s coffin will be lowered into the Royal Vault — the resting place of many past monarchs. Below the chapel lie King George III, IV and V, William IV and others. Last year Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, was also laid to rest there.

While the Queen’s coffin is being lowered into the vault, the Dean of Windsor will say a Psalm, before the Garter King of Arms pronounces the styles and titles of the Queen. This will conclude the public ceremonies devoted to her.

However, the vault will not be her final resting place. Later on Monday evening, a private burial service will be held for the royal family, when the Queen is to be relocated to the King George VI Memorial Chapel. Here the Queen’s coffin will join those of her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

The coffin of Prince Philip will also be relocated, so that the Queen can be laid to rest alongside her beloved husband of 73 years.

Although it is closed for Monday’s private ceremony, ordinarily the Chapel is open to the public, meaning Britons can visit the Queen’s final resting place to pay their respects.


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