New development bringing wildlife to a backyard near you

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – More east Tennesseans are starting to see foxes in their yards as more development is popping up across the area, which has caused wildlife to migrate into neighborhoods.

More recently, the Fox Run subdivision has seen a family of black bears, wild turkey and red foxes freely roaming around day in and night.

“This place is a zoo,” Tiffani Ogier, resident, said.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Agent Matt Cameron told WVLT News residents should try to scare wildlife by shouting at it, throwing an object its way or clapping it away. It’s not uncommon to see fury foxy four legged canines in a neighborhood, but people still worry about their pets coming in contact.

Cameron said contrary to popular belief, they’re not exactly out to harm pets, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“It’s probably best for an animal like a fox or a coyote or, of course with black bears is to like keep them fearful of the areas around our home so we should haze them in a sense,” Cameron said.

People are also seeing more sightings now than before because pups are born in March and April. Agents said the mothers are allowing the pups to venture out so they can learn how to hunt on their own.

If wildlife becomes an issue, residents can hire an animal control agent to come out and remove animals like foxes or coyotes from properties.

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