Asier Aguirre, first win after five playoff holes

The Navarrese Asier Aguirre has been the winner of the first edition of the ‘Bizkaia PGAe Open’, the sixth round of the PGA Spain Circuit played in the public course of the Meaztegi Golf de La Arboleda (Bilbao) resolved in a fast-paced final. after five playoff holes for decide the winner.

Asier Aguirre, results

Aguirre has achieved his first victory as a professional after beating Gerard Piris and Antonio Hortal in the tiebreaker, the three tied with 203 strokes (-13) after the three rounds of this tournament in which 122 golfers have taken part.

Piris, from Lleida, was the first to be left out of the race for victory. Subsequently, Aguirre and Hortal from Madrid played four heads-up holes on the 18th to tie the tie and the final victory fell to the young player from Pamplona thanks to a birdie.

Bilbao is a city in northern Spain of approximately 350,000 inhabitants (950,000 in the metropolitan area), capital from the province of Biscay and the comarca of Greater Bilbao. It is the most important city of the autonomous community of the Basque Country and the North of the Iberian Peninsula.

It is the tenth largest city in Spain6 and one of its main economic centers. It is located at the estuary of the Nervion river. The official name of the city is Bilbao, a name known in most languages ​​of the world. The Academy of the Basque language decides among the two existing ones in Basque, Bilbao and Bilbo, that the historical name in Basque is Bilbo, while maintaining the official character Bilbao7.

Although the term Bilbo does not appear in ancient documents, in William Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor there is a reference to a sword, probably made of Biscayan iron, called “bilbo” — in plural and in English bilboes — which might suggest that this. word has been in use since at least the sixteenth century.

There is no consensus among historians on the origin of the city’s name. The engineer Evaristo de Churruca (es) assures that it is Basque custom to call a place according to its situation. According to him, Bilbao results from the union of the Basque words for river and cove: Bil-Ibaia-Bao. Similarly, historian Javier Tusell argues that Bilbao is an evolution of beautiful ford (bello vado in Spanish).

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