“Greg Norman says things that are so untrue, like..”

The PGA Tour and LIV Golf have been in conflict since the creation of the Saudi-backed tour. Davis Love III believes that LIV Golf never intended to cooperate with the PGA Tour. “They targeted that early on,” Love said for GOLF’s Subpar Podcast, as quoted by golf.com “So I don’t think there was any way that they wanted to get along or that they wanted to sit down and partner with us”.

Knost, who is also the host of the podcast, believes that Norman would not accept the offer to cooperate, with the aim of ‘revenge’ on the PGA Tour. Love III shares the same opinion. “You can hear it in what he says,” Love said.

“They say we’re here to shake it up, to take over, to change golf.. He says things that are so untrue. He gets up there and says, ‘We’re a closed shop’ a few weeks ago. No, I know three guys and what you’re offering them and they’re begging him to come.

It’s not a closed shop. And then he tells — I could see — you’ve seen it in the text messages that are released with Sergio. But he tells players they can’t suspend you for one day, much less a year.

That’s a lie. Guys get suspended all the time,” Love said.

Davis Love on cooperation

Davis Love is against any conflict and believes that cooperation is possible. DP World Tour and PGA Tour are the best example of such cooperation.

“We’ve made it easier for European players to play our Tour, not harder, right?” Love said. “We’ve made it easier for international players to get on our Tour. So we’ve been agreeable and accessible on everything except people that come into the United States and want to play against our weeks on Tour”.

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