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Martin Kaymer does not want to be part of the BMW PGA Championship next week. This LIV Golfer has come under heavy criticism after his decision to play the part of the Saudi-backed Tour. “There will be friction there, that’s why I’m not going,Kaymer told Golf Digest. “I don’t need to go to a place where, feel-wise, you’re not that welcome.

They don’t say it, but [it’s there]. I do love the European Tour and I do like Wentworth; I think it’s a flagship event that people like to participate in, but under those circumstances, I try to stay in the area where the energy is high, where the energy is positive.

I don’t know why I should fly to England, [and] be on the golf course for four or five days where you are not that welcome, I would say. It has nothing to do with the European Tour or the players or anything like that …

but where we are right now [in professional golf], I try to stay away. I will wait until everything settles.”

Martin Kaymer on LIV Golf and PGA Tour leaders

Kaymer believes that the ideal solution for both parties would be a compromise.

However, they are now far from a compromise, given that things have even been brought to court. Things could be even worse. “The hope is there, absolutely,Kaymer said. “I just don’t know if the main people in charge of all the tours …

are able to put egos and personal stuff behind and focus on the big picture in the game of golf.
I think it’s very good for the game of golf what’s happening with LIV and what’s happening with the PGA Tour now.

All those things are good for the players, and I do hope and do believe in maybe two or three years things will change and will turn out good.”

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