Tiger Woods commendable for turning down $800 million from the Arab Super League

Greg Norman revealed to Fox News how Tiger Woods would have turned down about $800 million to join the Arab Super League. Norman told: “Tiger Woods has turned down an offer from the Arab Super League that ranged between 700 and 800 million dollars.”

According to Norman, Woods accused those who left the PGA Tour of having turned their backs on the top American men’s circuit that led them to be the players they are today. Greg also explained how the Californian’s proposal came before he was named CEO of LIV Golf.

Woods has become a billionaire.

Woods has become a billionaire and he is the third athlete to have assets valued at at least a billion dollars, writes Forbes magazine. Despite injuries, scandals, and failures that followed a triumph, the 46-year-old Woods maintained his supremacy as one of the best-earning athletes, earning over $ 1.7 billion in salaries, grants, and other income over his 27-year career. , more than anyone else followed by Forbes.

Forbes now estimates his net worth at least $ 1 billion, based on his lifetime earnings, making him one of only three known billionaire athletes. Other NBA superstars LeBron James, who used his fame and fortune to take ownership stakes in a number of companies, and Michael Jordan, who scored ten digits after retiring, thanks to timely investment in the NBA Charlotte Hornets.

Woods also managed to reach this figure although he reportedly turned down a lucrative offer to join the LIV golf series. Forbes wrote on its website that Woods’ cash prizes represent less than ten percent of his assets, and he gained most of his wealth through sponsorship deals and investments in other areas.

Until 2012, Woods was the highest-earning athlete for ten years in a row, and he remained among the highest-paid athletes after several scandals and car accidents.

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