After Candid Psychedelic Admission, Aaron Rodgers Got a Heartfelt Response From Rumored Girlfriend Blu

Apart from football, the Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was recently vocal about spirituality and exploring various dimensions of life. And guess what, his ex-girlfriend and NASCAR driver Danica Patrick was accompanying him on his journey. A few weeks ago, Rodgers revealed his trip to Peru, stating the best days of his life. This caught the attention of his new acquaintance and rumored girlfriend, Blu.

Aaron Rodgers never fails to entertain his fans, and thus his ayahuasca reference has garnered curious fans to know more about it, including Blu. A few weeks ago, the 38-year-old marked his presence on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, where he spoke about various topics, including his trip to Machu Picchu with Dana Patrick. He explained how delightful it was to have that herb and the intense feeling of love he experienced. Blu seemed impressed with the transparency of the Packers QB.


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“Changing history and forging the future one courageous truth at a time. Legendary moves.” She wrote on Instagram for the snippet shared by the quarterback.

Rodgers and the NASCAR driver went on a trip to Peru, along with some of their closest friends, while they were still in a relationship. “My intention the first night going in was I want to feel what pure love is. That was my intention, and I did. I really did,” Rodgers recalled.


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“I had a magical experience with the sensation of feeling 100 different hands on my body imparting a blessing of love and forgiveness for myself and gratitude for this life from what seemed to be my ancestors. I came back, and the pandemic hit,” he said in the podcast. After two years of bonding, the duo parted ways. Currently, the NFL superstar is rumored to be involved with the Deja Blu podcaster.

How did this spiritual path impact the professional career of Aaron Rodgers?


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Over the past two decades of his career, Rodgers has proven himself to be the face of this franchise. Nothing is left for him to prove, and thus, the quarterback affirms that all he has is gratitude for the opportunity to unleash his true potential.

Moving ahead to play in his 18th NFL season, Rodgers vows to spend time with a little more perspective as an older player. The athlete knows that maybe the time to hang up the cleats is coming soon. So he is enjoying the game to the fullest.


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Rodgers claimed that he wants to approach life with an optimistic thought process. “Worry less about what you don’t have, what you couldn’t accomplish, what could’ve been,” Rodgers said to the reporters. It will be interesting to see if he will be able to add another feather to his cap by winning a Super Bowl title this season.

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