“Man, that’s kind of bs”

There have been many instances in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series where drivers have questioned the governing body’s decision-making and Austin Cindric is the latest driver to hop onto that bandwagon.

Racing in general is dependent on its respective governing bodies to regulate a safe environment for drivers on the track and make decisions to control dangerous situations when they arise. These decisions, such as caution being thrown, can mean the difference between a driver winning or losing a race.

When Cindric’s #2 Freightliner Ford Mustang blew the right front tire, the 24-year-old rookie was surprised as to why there was no caution flag period thrown, whereas other tire blowouts did see the yellow flag come out. The Team Penske driver decided to remain neutral as he was not massively affected by the decision and was able to make it to pit road. Cindric did, however, look at how the team could react better in such situations and said:

“Yeah, there’s a part of me that wants to go, ‘Man, that’s kind of bs I blew a tire and didn’t get a caution,’ but I would also think that NASCAR probably recognized there might be some issues with tires and probably understand that, ok, it’s not just a one-time deal. Mine was the first to go.”

“I’m happier about it because I made it in. I’d be less happy about it if I didn’t make it in, but certainly, there’s something to be said about coming to a very important race in the year with a new tire, but it’s not my decision to make and just understand how we can make that better on our side.”

Austin Cindric’s broad and level-headed analysis of the situation could have turned out differently if he was at the other end of the spectrum. Credit where credit is due, however, the rookie driver does know how to handle himself on an international stage such as the NASCAR Cup Series.

Austin Cindric recaps his appearance in the NASCAR 2022 Bass Pro Shops Night Race

Team Penske’s Austin Cindric managed to qualify for the next round of the playoffs after last Sunday’s Bass Pro Shops Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway. The 500-lap race was the third playoff race which saw drivers struggle with the Next Gen car on the track, citing overtaking issues.

Cindric finished in P20 and recapped his night in Bristol after the race, and said:

“For a while, I was just trying as hard as I could and as they fell off like flies just trying not to force any issues, try not to force any more right-front tire failures. From there, I think I was tied with the 18th for 100 laps, but just one hell of a night. I still don’t think this place loves me back, but it probably showed me a little mercy tonight, so I’ll take it and run with it.”

Watch Austin Cindric drive this Sunday in the AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 500 at Texas Motor Speedway.


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