5 CBB head coaches that could be the next Scott Frost

Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Scott Frost Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

The college basketball season begins less than two months from today. We’re getting into the part of the season where schedules are released, rosters are finalized, previews are being written, and the excitement and anticipation for a new season is on the rise. However, we’re also in the time of year where a different collegiate sport is at the forefront of many people’s minds.

College football dominates the Saturday action in sports during this time of the year. Many college basketball fans likewise cheer for their school’s football program. Today’s article is not about college football in any way but builds on something that recently happened in the college football universe.

Recently, Nebraska made national news with the firing of head football coach Scott Frost. The Nebraska football program got off to an abysmal start to the season, although Frost’s entire tenure with the Cornhuskers was full of struggle. Despite an immense buyout and two months’ worth of games still on the schedule, Nebraska chose to make the coaching change.

Today, we’ll be considering if something like that could be coming soon on the college basketball stage. Last season saw Mark Turgeon step aside from Maryland during the regular season, and he’s certainly not the only high-profile head coach to be relieved of his job during the year. Our focus today is looking at five different power conference college basketball head coaches who may be in a position to receive the Scott Frost treatment. Basketball coaches are fired midseason at a much less frequent pace than in the football world, but it’s still worth looking into, because there are some interesting names with hot seats going into this season.

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