Gerardo Martino and the big condition for Javier Hernandez to return to the national team

Chicharito’s return could be near.

The situation of the strikers in the Mexican national team is already beyond worrying. What is happening is almost unreal. It turns out that the starting trio of Gerardo Martino’s team is practically injured and would arrive with just enough to Qatar 2022.

In view of this situation, Gerardo Martino is already preparing a contingency plan. That is why he would give his arm to twist and agree to the requests of Javier Hernandez to reach an agreement for his return to the national team. However, Martino could also give him a big condition.

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The veto to Chicharito would come by orders of the Mexican Federation commanded by Yon de Luisa, who has conflicts of interest with the LA Galaxy player. However, to be sure, the real reason for this veto has not really been clarified.

Why would Martino call Hernandez?

It is that the Argentine coach no longer has a clear relationship with the Mexican board and therefore would think of provoking them with the call for Javier Hernandez. Everything would be if the relationship between Martino and the FMF.


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