In solidarity, Messi teaches Mbappé a big lesson to stop him from getting bigger

Mbappé and Messi


Lionel Messi gave a lesson in solidarity and teamwork this afternoon when PSG visited Nantes to retake the lead in France’s Ligue 1. And he did it hand in hand with the best partner he is having up front: Kylian Mbappé.

The Frenchman has improved his goalscoring quota since 10 of the Argentina National Team joined the team, and although it is a favorable situation for the Parisian box, at the bottom of the matter Messi is leaving a very clear message: he is still the number one .

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Despite the attitudes that Kylian has had with the Rosarino star, which have often bordered on disrespect, Messi has taken it upon himself to remain focused and demonstrate maturity in his game and prioritize the collective before personal showcasing.

He doesn’t mind not being the one to score the goals. In fact, this is a version that we had already seen in his last years with Barcelona. Being an assisting player suits him well, but it is surprising that he does not stop doing it despite how Mbappé has behaved with him.

The message of humility for Mbappé

Mbappé should start respecting Messi more, especially since Lio has not had any bad gesture with him, and continues to show him that despite everything he is willing to help him so that his scoring record with PSG continues to increase and all the spotlight goes to him . That is humility.


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