Massive GTA 6 leak reveals early gameplay footage

In one video, a playable character called Lucia can be seen robbing a restaurant with her accomplice, Jason, which will remind you of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Since the clip is probably from an early GTA 6 build, the NPCs resemble mannequins and the police car seems to be the same from GTA 5 with VCPD written on it. Besides these, there’s a clip of a random conversation in the game, which mentions “LifeInvader,” the parody social network from GTA 5. The voice acting and dialogues seem to be what you would expect from a GTA title. The leaker has also leaked a video of the strip club from GTA 6, which looks bigger and busier than the one in GTA 5.

Although Rockstar has not made any statement regarding this massive leak, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has confirmed with their Rockstar sources that the latest GTA 6 leak is real. Many details from the leak are pretty much in line with earlier leaks. The game is expected to be set in Vice City and many of the clips show Vice City banners in them. Besides these, the leak regarding a female playable character also checks out with the clip of Lucia robbing a restaurant. While it’s great for GTA fans to get a very early look at GTA 6, the leak is most likely a huge nightmare for Rockstar.


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