FlawlessDeku pulls off an impressive 60% damage combo with Jamie during a real Street Fighter 6 demo match

FlawlessDeku has been releasing plenty of footage from his time with the Street Fighter 6 demo that’s been available to the public at specific events. It’s quite evident that he’s developed a real interest in playing Jamie, one of the newcomers revealed for Street Fighter 6.

Needless to say, FlawlessDeku’s time investment has seemingly paid off in a big way as he’s dominating the competition. In his latest video, FlawlessDeku is able to pull off a combo that deletes around 60% of Ryu’s health bar.

What’s particularly scary about this sequence is how FlawlessDeku begins the combo by transitioning from Jamie’s “Rekka” special into the level 3. Of course, it’s very important to understand that level 1 and level 2 supers can’t be canceled into from special moves in this game (unless meter is spent for the Overdrive special variant).

From here, FlawlessDeku is actually able to continue the combo after landing Jamie’s level 3. Even though Ryu had over half his health remaining before he got hit, the damage that followed after the level 3 was enough to finish the round.

The 60% damage combo happens at the very end of the video. Before then, there’s actually plenty of match footage that has Flawless Deku facing off with a Ryu player.

Check it all out below:


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