How the Motocross Holeshot Device was Created for Better Starts

When you get a tip from “Goose,” you don’t sleep on it, and Works Connection did indeed get to work on developing their own holeshot device, throwing everything the company had into making the device a reality.

“We started making prototypes right away and we brought one out in I believe May of that year,” Phipps recalls. “They’ve come a really long way from the first one we made. You learn a lot over the years, and we’re still massaging ours even though we’ve had it for twenty years. We’re still learning. I believe we heard about it in late January in 2002, and we came to market in May. It was probably the fastest we’ve ever made something. We threw all of our efforts at it because we could see the future of it, that it was going to be a good product. It was approximately four-and-a-half months. Starting from nothing and working on a concept was challenging. We saw what Honda was doing, we saw what Yamaha was doing, and we did our own style. We went through about three different types before we found one that worked really well. You learn by failure. The first one we made worked pretty well, but we bent a pin. It was just a normal process of trial and error.”

As they say, the rest is history, and the device has proven so prolific in racing that you’re no longer at an advantage with one, you’re at a disadvantage without one, which is a true testament to just how effective this product proved to be.


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