Utes Stuck In Gainesville, Florida Provides Assistance

GAINESVILLE- Word got out early Sunday morning that the Utes never made it back to Salt Lake City after their game at The Swamp. Paul Kirk, who is head of Utah Athletics Communications revealed the charter plane Utah was supposed to take Saturday night was grounded due to mechanical issues.

Stuck In Gainesville

According to a source for KSL, the team and staff were stuck on the plane from about 1 am Sunday morning until around 5 am when they were finally deplaned. They have been sitting at a terminal in Gainesville Regional Airport since due to accommodations being tight because of the long holiday weekend.

Kirk said in a different Tweet the team has been in contact with the University of Florida and they have been graciously providing assistance.

Utah Athletic Director Mark Harlan recently followed up Kirk’s Tweets that Florida has been able to find the Utes a hotel partner, buses, and meals until they can get back to Salt Lake later Sunday night. A fine example of sportsmanship and looking out for each other despite being competitive foes.


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