Google Tensor G2 is said to improve GPU performance over its predecessor’s CPU

What you need to know

  • New information about Google’s upcoming Tensor G2 chipset has leaked online.
  • The leak comes from an alleged benchmark result run on a Pixel 7 Pro test unit.
  • The leak hints at improvements to the GPU rather than the CPU from the predecessor.

Early this month, Google officially teased its next-gen chipset that will power the upcoming Pixel 7 series. However, the teaser was just about the chipset moniker dubbed the Tensor G2.

New information has surfaced on the alleged Tensor G2 (codenamed gs201) โ€‹โ€‹ahead of the Pixel 7 launch, courtesy of Kuba Wojciechowski. According to the tipster, the new chipset will utilize the same CPU as the original Tensor.

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