Pixel Watch Leak Emphasizes Google’s Ambitious Smartwatch Plans

Google has already laid the groundwork for its move into the smartwatch space with the first Pixel Watch. With the latest leak revealing the price, it is possible to see where it fits in with the competition.

Details on the pricing have been confirmed through several retailers both in the US and Europe. Max Weinbach reports:

“9to5Google first reported on the Pixel Watch price of the cellular model being $399.99 in late August. Thanks to a retail source, we were able to further corroborate that price, as well as now being able to confirm the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi model price , which will start at $349.99.”

Google has two major competitors in the smartwatch space, and the Pixel Watch price places it between them

On the Android side of things, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 has a starting price of $279. Samsung is building on years of experience and customer feedback. Indeed the Pixel Watch may struggle in a head-to-head against the Galaxy Watch 4 from 2021, let alone the new Watch 5 announced in August.

Pricing the Pixel Watch above the Watch 5 is going to make the Pixel Watch a tougher sell. I’d expect both of these Android-focused watches to be compatible with any Android device (much like the other Galaxy and Pixel accessories), so the real commercial challenge will be selling to devices outside the Samsung/Google dynamic.

On the other side, you have the elephant in the room with the Apple Watch. The recently announced Apple Watch Series 8 is likely to be the Apple Watch used as a comparison. With prices starting at $399 the Pixel Watch’s Wi-Fi model slides in under that price – although it has to be said there’s very little chance of the Apple Watch working well with Android devices. Nevertheless, the Pixel Watch is going to draw that comparison as well, given the positioning of the Pixel smartphones as Google’s iPhone equivalent.

Pricing may not be the best way to judge these peripherals. There are many bundling options for Samsung and Google at the retail counters, so perhaps both should be considered as value adds to enhance the entire ecosystem. In this case, the price difference will be absorbed into a package deal that could have even more support from phone networks offering subsidized contracts.

But the prices are a statement of intent. This is more than a fitness band or basic feature set. The Pixel Watch is Google’s long-awaited move to define the smartwatch in the Android ecosystem.

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