Stellaris’ Toxoids DLC adding ‘most stubborn species in game’s history’

Paradox Interactive has unveiled Toxoids, a new Species Pack DLC for Stellaris that’ll bring the “most stubborn species in the game’s history” when it comes to PC on September 20th.

Toxoids will give players the tools to “gamble the future of their planets for immediate gains” upon release, with empires featuring the new species able to grow and adapt faster than most creatures – albeit often with nasty consequences for their neighbors and themselves.

To that end, the expansion introduces two new Origins: Knights of the Toxic God and Overtuned. The former revolves around a mysterious power rumored to be buried under toxic sludge which can be unleashed on the galaxy if found, while the latter gives players the chance to play as a species able to gain more and more traits at the expense of their own lifespan. .

Stellaris: Toxoids Species Pack – Announcement Trailer.

New Civics, meanwhile, take the form of Toxic Baths – which can be used to grow your population fast using mutagenic sludge but comes with a cost to your planets and people – while Scavengers lets players harvest debris and destruction for quick construction. Finally there’s Relentless Industrialists, boosting resource gains but, alas, also negative opinion.

As for new Traits, these include Noxious, which makes your planets awful places to live and your existence repellant to other species, but the upside is that other empires aren’t exactly rushing to fight or subjugate you. That’s not all, however; Inorganic Breath lets you utilize pricey respirators to farm valuable exotic gases from your empire’s expulsions, Incubator gives you the power to repopulate quickly on empty planets although growth facilities fill up fast, and Exotic Metabolism lets you “eat faster, live longer, and enjoy a terrifying rainbow of flavors”.

Alongside all the above, Toxoids will feature new species portraits, ship models, and cityscapes, plus a new advisor described as a “relentless source of noxious sarcasm”. And as an added bonus, the announcement trailer above features a pleasingly catchy tune.

Stellaris’ Toxoids Species Pack will cost £7.19/$7.99 USD when it arrives on September 20th.

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