Sixth Annual NAIP Symposium Looks to the Future

The TCU community will learn about and celebrate Indigenous people and their cultures during the 6th Annual Native American and Indigenous Peoples Day Symposium. The Oct. 3 event will showcase the ways in which Indigenous people address obstacles relating to identity, representation and storytelling.

“This year’s theme – ‘The Future is Indigenous: Popular Culture for the Seventh Generation’ – brings together popular culture, technology and Indigenous cultures and knowledge in ways that demonstrate the vibrancy and creativity of Indigenous communities and their relevance for the future,” said Scott Langston, liaison for Native American Nations and Communities.

The symposium’s keynote speaker is Miranda Due, an interactive producer, artist, speaker and a proud member of the Pawnee Nation. She currently employs her expertise in interactive media and games at Unity Technologies, working on a range of projects such as mobile games, educational games and virtual reality. Due advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion within the gaming industry and specifically aims to uplift Indigenous game developers through the Indigenous Network at Activision.

“We hope that attendees will be impressed with how Indigenous peoples and communities are using technology in positive and innovative ways to address pressing issues and shape the future,” said Langston. “We also hope that stereotypes regarding identities and representation will be dispelled.”

Langston said he is excited to see the symposium held in-person for the first time since 2020 when the event was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year’s virtual symposium was accompanied by the launch of an NAIP Initiatives webpage designed to educate viewers on campus history, strengthen ties with Indigenous communities and provide information such as TCU’s land acknowledgment statement.

“As always, we hope our campus will be further motivated to build a future at TCU that includes healthy, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous peoples,” Langston said.

Learn more about the 2022 Native American and Indigenous Peoples Day Symposium and the original artwork created for its logo.

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